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The Bomb Blog

Welcome to the Bomb Blog! The intro into the world of all things Bomb Cosmetics. Be sure to check back for regular updates!

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  • The Beginning Of Your Happily Ever After

    HELLO, WE'RE BOMB COSMETICS, AND WE'RE IN LOVE WITH ALL THINGS LOVE ❤❤❤ Despite your Wedding Day being well er, YOUR Wedding Day, it wouldn't be half ...

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  • Stress Less

    Everyone experiences stress in their lives; it's a completely natural human reaction when things are just getting too damn much. Stress can have an effect ...

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  • Our Essential Essential Oils

    bergamot THE PERKS: ❤️‍ Reduces Stress ❤️‍ Reduces anxiety ❤️‍ Refreshes ❤️‍ Revives ❤️‍ Strengthens FOUND IN: ROSE THE PERKS: ❤️‍ Comforting ❤️‍ Soothing ❤️‍ Sedativeeeee..zzzzzz ❤️‍ Uplifting ❤️‍ Refines skin texture FOUND IN: JASMINE THE PERKS: ❤️‍ Uplifting ❤️‍ Balancing ❤️‍ Warming ❤️‍ Revitalising ❤️‍ Soothes FOUND ...

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  • Pinky & Perky

    We-know-you-know-we-know just how difficult you can find it to get out of bed in the mornings. We used to have this trouble every.single.morning (sometimes to the ...

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  • Mixers Of The Month: May

    Did you know our Little Hotties are our best-selling item, like, ever! We sell over 80 different scents which can be blended together to make ...

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