Feeling super tired 24/7 but can't sleep?

Feeling super tired 24/7 but can't sleep?

Feeling super tired 24/7 but can't sleep?

Things are a little strange right now, our routine is all messed up, we can barely remember what day it is and we’re feeling super tired 24/7 but then can’t sleep at night? And when we do sleep, we're having some weird dream! What is going on?! We got you.

How to fix your sleeping pattern during lockdown and to feel a little bit more human again.

I feel like the only thing I do is eat, bathe, sleep & repeat - so how the heck am I feeling tired but unable to sleep at night? Well, don’t stress there could be a few reasons behind this.

Low sunlight exposure, energy stagnation from a lack of movement - because let’s be honest, everyone reading this knows they spend half their day staring at their phone / computer. Guilty.

We’ve listed a few simple tricks to help you get your sleeping routine back on track.

Set a bed time

...and actually stick to it! Whether you’re working from home, furloughed or a key worker, it’s important to set yourself a time you want to be in bed by as well as setting a morning alarm. We all need a little consistency at the moment, and this will help your body adjust for when things do eventually go back to normal.

Stay active

Does actively shopping count you ask? I mean, your fingers are burning some calories at least! But no. It can be tricky to motivate yourself when you are stuck inside, especially when Disney Plus has just been released!

Make a conscious effort to move more, set a reminder on your phone to walk around the room or even to do an intense home workout. You could step out for a 10 minute walk on your lunch break, but keeping active will improve your sleeping pattern. 

Create a night-time routine

Setting yourself a simple night time routine can help you unwind after a long, busy day. Start by applying your nightly skincare products, now we see a lot of people looking after their skin - which is flipping fabulous! Now is the perfect time to stop wearing makeup during the day. But don’t forget about your locks! Whilst applying your skincare products why not treat your hair at the same time by applying a nourishing hair mask, Honey Hair Mask might be a good shout, with its Milk and Honey heart warming fragrance.

Whilst your hair mask is working its magic and detangles your tresses, run yourself a well deserved hot bubble bath. We’d recommend picking some products which contain Lavender essential oil, which is known for its calming & soothing abilities. A few which pop to mind... Lavender Musk Candle, Night Owl Bath Blaster and Silver Linings Bath Blaster

Now your hair is feeling heavenly and you’re all relaxed, crawl into bed with a herbal tea and book! By repeating the same routine every night, this will give your body a sign that it’s time to wind down for the day.

Keep your bedroom organised

I personally feel really stressed and anxious when my bedroom is messy! It’s really important when you’re done with a loungewear set, nail polish, gym set up, that you properly tidy everything away instead of shoving it into the corner thinking ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’.  There is something about a room being tidy and clutter free which helps you to relax and unwind. I think my mum would be proud reading this.

Avoid late night scrolling

I know, I know - we post banging content and you can’t help but scroll through bath bomb after bath bomb trying to decide which one to try next. We feel your struggle, but grouchy customers who didn’t get enough sleep the night before are also not our fave to deal with. The bright light of your phone or TV can make you feel more awake, so even though it is tempting (just one more bath bomb she says!), put your phone on do not disturb and avoid the screens at least 30 minutes before you try to sleep. 

We hope this keeps the weird dreams at bay and helps to get your sleeping pattern back on track.