Soy Wax Melts


Select 4 scents:

Our soy wax melts are little pieces of joy, handcrafted with love and filled with some of the best ingredients and fragrances. Simply pop one in your wax melt burner and let the aromas transport you to  a world of relaxation and indulgence. You can have up to three fragrances in your wax melt box that will give you up to 90 hours of aroma!

Place your soy wax melt into the melter, put a lit tea light below and allow them to melt, filling your home with it's own bespoke fragrance. There is no need to add water! Light the tealight, and allow the fragrance creation to scent the whole house! You know it makes scents!

Safety First! Never put your burner or warmer or candle near any flammable objects. Do not put it on or near anything that can be damaged by heat. Do not put your warmer within reach of children or pets. Do not eat! Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Lavender Wax Melt - with lavender buds and relaxing pure lavender and geranium essential oils.

Raspberry Ripple Wax Melt - with pink chips and heartwarming pure bergamot and lavender essential oils.

Lemongrass Wax Melt - with marigold, rose and chamomile petals and awakening pure lemongrass and grapefruit essential oils.

Enchanted Wax Melt - with loose petals and enchanting pure rose and lavender essential oils.

White Amber Musk Wax Melt - with marigold, lavender and rose buds and petals and comforting pure cedar wood and nutmeg essential oils.

Rose & Oudh Wax Melt - with rose petals and warming pure rose and sandalwood essential oils.

Sea Salt & Vanilla Wax Melt - with sea salt and lavender buds and invigorating pure eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Little Mermaid Wax Melt - with blue sea salt and refreshing pure sweet orange and black pepper essential oils.

Cosmo Cocktail Wax Melt - with pale pink sea salt and glitter and exciting pure lime and ylang ylang essential oils.

Euphoric Feeling Wax Melt - with uplifting pure frankincense and ylang ylang essential oils.

Pomegranate Wax Melt - with cranberry seeds and salt and clarifying pure rosemary and frankincense essential oils.

Black Jasmine Wax Melt - with sensual pure jasmine and ylang ylang essential oils.