High Temps, Cool Bathing

High Temps, Cool Bathing

High Temps, Cool Bathing

Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Nights

We welcome the warm weather! And the beauty that comes with it - the lush, green garden: the beautiful mornings, and the positive energy it inflicts on everyone!

But, I think I speak on behalf of the UK rn.. we’re all currently tossing and turning in bed, struggling because sweat has us feeling like we’re glued to the sheets. It. Is. Irritating. There is nothing worse than feeling really tired and just wanting to get some shut eye but you’re in a hot… sticky… room.

Cool as a cucumber - lets beat the heat

1. Choose cotton

Bed linens made of lightweight cotton are breathable and great for promoting ventilation and airflow. I’m sorry but its a no go for snazzy satin, silk and polyester sheets - you babes are for those cooler nights.

2. Sleep like an Egyptian

Now I really think they were onto something! Basically, dampening a sheet or a towel in cool water and using it as a blanket - could get a little messy but I personally feel like its worth it if it means not being as hot and bothered.

3. Soak in it

When you’re hot, the last thing you might want to do is soak in a warm bath. But believe it or not, it works, according to a study published in Sleep Medicine Reviews (check it out if you don't take our word).

Apparently the warmth of the water sends a rush of blood to your hands and feet, where the veins are right under your skin. This lets off extra heat and cools your bloodstream. If you've been feeling a bit prickly in the heat of the day, we recommend picking up one of our Bath Blasters which is topped with natural cocoa and shea butter. The butters are packed with vitamins and are perfect for nourishing weather-worn skin.

Another alternative to help you sleep is our Lavender Clouds Bubble-Doh. Perfect for filling your bath with bubbles, allowing you to float away into a lilac sky of floral fragrance! Relax into a bath of Lavender & Geranium essential oils, soothing and calming every splash.

We recommend hopping in the tub at least an hour before bed to give your body time to cool off before you sleep between them cotton sheets!

4. Prepare your stomach

Eating smaller, more regular meals on hot days help the body digest food more efficiently, whereas eating a large meal in the evening can keep the body awake as it tries to process it.

Now I know I sound like your lovely mum, but remember… drink plenty of water! These warm evenings can make our body hydrated, so its more important than ever to drink plenty.

5. Shower your senses

Now if you can’t get behind trick number 3, then ya know fair enough (but don’t knock it until you try it) we have this alternative! A lukewarm shower 60 to 90 minutes before bed will help you relax, both physically and emotionally as it forces you to disconnect.

Taking a cold shower will stimulate your mind and body (the opposite of what you want before bed!) and although it might be tempting because you’re feeling hot from the heat - it could also mean you’re awake for longer. So best to stick with those lukewarm showers for now!

Want to spice up your shower routine? Place 2 or 3 Shower Mixers at the bottom of your shower and watch as they fizz away releasing the intense aroma and essential oils! 

Let us know how you got on with these tips and tricks for beating the heat! Or if you have any other suggestions then pop 'em in the comments below!

Until next time x