How to Celebrate Father’s Day in Quarantine

How to Celebrate Father’s Day in Quarantine

How to Celebrate Father’s Day in Quarantine

While you may have to restructure your plans this year, you can still create a special day for the important Father figures in your life.

While Father’s Day normally consists of family get togethers and fun outings, this year we are all having to readjust. Between social distancing and quarantines due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Father’s Day will understandably be a bit different. Aside from gifts and cute cards, there are still plenty of ways to make Sunday 21st June special for Dads, Granddads, Stepdads, Uncles or Single Parent Mums who are smashing it!

We’ve put together an ideal quarantine Father’s Day, full of home activities, movie suggestions, and outdoor activities. We think that this year it is more important than ever to keep in touch with the important Father figures in your life, so don’t fret that you’re at home, it doesn’t mean this special day needs to be boring.

Cook or Order a delicious meal!

With more restaurant chains confirming plans to reopen, ordering in or going to a drive through might make a nice change to cooking! I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought of every meal possible and even pasta isn’t cutting it anymore! We need the good stuff.

Or perhaps you’re wanting to put in some extra effort and make the meal yourself (I salute you!) by making your Dad’s favourite dish. You could even pair the meal with some cocktails!

Go for a Bike Ride

A great way to get outside while social distancing, fingers crossed for the weather, is to take a bike ride! Perhaps if your relatives are local you could do a little tour-de-family! Cycle to your Granddads or Uncles as you can now meet outside in groups of up to six people from different households - for example in parks or private gardens - as long as you follow the guidance and remain 2m apart then there is no reason you can’t wish other relatives a Happy Father’s Day!

Scavenger hunt around the house!

Chances are it could be raining at the weekend and we can’t go outside. If that’s the case then turn giving him his presents into a fun game! You can hide them Bomb products around the house as scavenger hunt and put your Dad’s nose to the test! Can he locate his new bath bomb?

Products your Dad will be sure to sniff out:

Hammer Time Toolbox Gift Pack / £19.99

"Get your fix! This is not a drill, fulfill your DIY dreams and nail your cleansing routine!"

Up, Up and Away Shower Gel / £7.99

"Let the pure lime and black pepper essential oils send you up, up and away with super human strength."

Sir Fizzalot Bath Blaster / £2.99

"Because boys like bath blasters too! Run a deep bath and wait for the stimulating and reviving – spearmint & punchy peppermint essential oils to be released into the water. As it dissolves, your bath water turns a beautiful blue hue"

Don’t forget, business is running as normal and we can deliver bath goodies for you! Send a personalised gift with our NEW Build Your Own Soap! Personalise the colour, scent and add up to 6 different shapes to create a soap they will love!

Go on a virtual tour!

Being closed to the public for the time being, many famous museums like the British Museum in London are offering virtual tours. So fire up the computer and let Dad get lost in the art. You can even visit the National Parks in America, tour Versailles, and swim through a coral reef, all without leaving your lounge!

Camp indoors

Bring the beauty of the outdoors, inside! Quite like a picnic, create a space in your lounge to pitch a tent and lay out sleeping bags. Tell your best ghost story whilst munching on some popcorn! Perhaps don’t leave the windows open all night unless you really want the insects to join you in!

Do a blindfolded beer taste test

I’m sure your Dad has mentioned (on quite a few occasions!) how much he misses the pub and can’t wait for it to reopen! Grab 6 different kinds of beer, varying in style and flavours. Then, blindfold Dad and see if he can guess which one is which!

Have a Move Marathon!

Get comfy on the sofa with a mixture of sweet treats to pick at, and whack on some of the classics! I’m thinking: Star Wars, Top Gun, Back to the Future and Father of the Bride!