The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Different Mental Health Conditions

The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Different Mental Health Conditions

The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Different Mental Health Conditions

Scrolling through social media has become a daily habit for most of us, from the second we wake up to moments before closing our eyes at the end of the day. Especially when we’re feeling bored, depressed or unmotivated, we can’t help but turn to it and start scrolling for hours on end.

Social media can seem like a toxic place, especially for those who are struggling with their mental health. This Mental Health Awareness week, to help ward off those feelings when we inevitably turn to Instagram, we have created a list of positive and inspirational accounts to follow. These accounts offer the perfect pick-me-ups, relatable words of wisdom, or some much-needed motivation.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety or OCD tendencies, take a look at these accounts and perhaps try to start following a few to help bring handy reminders and coping mechanisms into your daily Instagram feed.


1. @lucialitman

Lucy's IG bio states 'just figuring it out' and I think we can all relate to this because in some way we're all trying to figure it out. With the current global situation I think everyone is trying to figure out their new 'normal', adjusting to different routines, generally figuring out how they feel each day and then how to cope with their emotions.

If you start following Lucy Litman then she will definitely be adding a whole lot of colour and inspiration to your Instagram feed! Her posts are relatable and motivational quotes using every colour imaginable.

3. @crazyheadcomics

The CrazyHeadComics offer a little light relief for those facing depression and bipolar. Matilda's cartoons are relatable and designed to make you feel less alone, and I think this is especially important to remember right now. We are not alone, we are all in this together.

4. @blessingmanifesting

For regular top-ups of motivation, this is the account to follow! There is a continuous theme of self-care and self-love attached to a colourful (and not to mention cute!) illustration. Her posts are full of advice, support and meaning - something which will be really nice to see in your daily feed.

5. @jessrachelsharp

'Reminders for me / Reminders for you'

Jess' Instagram account feels really personal and refreshing, it's filled with pastels & florals - and it's just beautiful. She delivers sincere reminders of positivitiy and advice for taking care of your mental health - and for me, her tone of voice feels like it's coming from a friend. Her calming colour palette will add subtle elegance to any feed and help you gather your thoughts.

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