Accounts to follow for a positive feed this 2021

Accounts to follow for a positive feed this 2021

Accounts to follow for a positive feed this 2021

It’s a new year and the perfect time to start afresh! For many, 2020 was a year they would rather forget and we may be starting 2021 in lockdown but now is our chance to start the year with a focus on positive content.

If the lockdown blues are taking their toll, you’re feeling overwhelmed by COVID-19 related news, here’s a list of feel-good Instagram pages on mental health, self-care or simple photos of cute animals.


We’ve posted a few of Sophia’s images over the past few months so you’ve probably seen a few artworks on your feed, but this photographer and artist creates positive messages by using mirrors, food, surroundings and beads. All of her images are just amazing and carry a strong message.


It can sometimes be hard to remember to take care of yourself, especially when you don’t want to or you can’t find the time. And while we all find time to scroll through our social media feeds, this account can be a nice reminder to take some time out for ourselves.


This account is for when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the constant negative stats and upsetting stories. This account is a news source that will fill your feed with positive stories only, after all we don’t hear about the positives enough. It’s nice to see what good is happening in the world.


The account name and colour scheme is enough to make me happy! Created by Hannah Shurey as a way to spread those “positive vibes and support,” this account is filled with illustrations and self-care tips.


We bring you - the photos of cute animals! Seeing as quite a lot of us are now working from home, it’s only suitable that our feed is full of dogs “working” from home. I’m sure they are pretty happy about all the time they are spending with their owners.


We can’t miss these purr-rect posts from our feed! One look at a cute little feline is sure enough to put anyone in a good mood.


Sorry, there are so many good animal accounts! But is there anything more precious than a nose that needs to be booped?


An online community helping women achieve their dream careers. The organisation’s Instagram feed is filled with endless positivity, from quotes to career advice and stories from successful female entrepreneurs, there’s no shortage of encouragement!