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Welcome to the Bomb Blog! The intro into the world of all things Bomb Cosmetics. Be sure to check back for regular updates!

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  • Bomb loves Biodegradable!

    Glitter may seem like a harmless bit of fun, and for some it's just a fashion trend - but do you really know the facts? This ...

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  • 25% off all Blaster Cards!

    It's that time of year where you have to dedicate your evenings to thinking of people you know, and then writing them a Christmas card. I ...

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  • Fragrances to fill your home this Christmas!

    Fill your home with these Christmas scents! Have you tried our Little Hotties before? If not, these little wax melts will make the perfect Christmas addition! You ...

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  • It's Black Friyay!

    I think everyone in the country knows what today is, but in case you’ve been lost in the world of Netflix and you’ve only just ...

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  • This is a 1st class product!

    **WARNING! This blog post contains the dreaded C word!** It's only 40 days until Christmas. I know, I know! How the heck is it Christmas again?! The ...

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