Will you be our Valentine?

Will you be our Valentine?

Will you be our Valentine?

Roses are red, bath bombs are pink - we can share a bath or you can have the sink! Aren't we the poets hey. Below you can find some Valentine's Day must-haves, so get ready to start dropping those hints:

Glazy for You Bath Blaster:

Our heart just skipped a beat! A pink blaster with a DOUGHNUT on top! Ohmyohmy. This Bath Blaster is definitely the way to a girl's heart! Filled with Chamomile & Marjoram essential oils, this is a sweet Valentine's Day treat.

All You Need is Love Bath Blaster:

This Blaster contains Biodegradable glitters so you can shine on Valentine's Day, safe in the knowledge that your sparkle isn't hurting the planet. Check out this previous blog post for more info on Bio-Glitter! Nothing says I love you like a bath blaster hey?

You are Roarsome Blaster Card:

Have you seen this newbie?! A first class product, scent with love! The perfect way to say Happy Valentine's Day to your partner. So make sure you are quick and get your claws on this Blaster Card.

Love Birds Gift Pack:

This gift pack is perfect for all of you love birds! Containing 5 different products, you are spoilt for choice! Will you spend Valentine's Day fizzing away to the sound of Tweetie Pie Blaster? Or will you be a diva and choose to use this creamer!

Mint to be Lip Balm:

You know when you and your partner are mint to be, when you don't watch another Netflix episode without your partner! #CoupleGoals

Some Bunny Loves Me Bath Blaster:

Another Bath Blaster with Biodegradable Glitter! Woohoo! Hop along, we got some love to give! With a jelly baby fragrance and pure Sweet Orange & Nutmeg essential oils, this cheeky chappy is earrisistable!

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