Why Do We Wrap Our Bath Blasters?

Why Do We Wrap Our Bath Blasters?

Why Do We Wrap Our Bath Blasters?


Did you know our Bath Blasters don’t contain artificial preservatives? Girl behind the computer say what! That’s right, they don’t contain water so they won’t support bacteria, yeasts or moulds (which are the nasties that we don’t want in cosmetics!). However, while they won’t go mouldy, they will fizz in the presence of water and water is EVERYWHERE in the atmosphere! If you store your bath blasters in the bathroom, steam will cause them to crumble over a short period of time. Or if one of our stores is in a humid country abroad, the shelf life of the product is reduced.


Bath Blasters that have been exposed to a humid environment can be a tad crumbly and won’t fizz very well… And a Bath Blaster with no fizz, well could you even call that a Bath Blaster?! The performance of a bath blaster is effected by a humid environment because they have been slowly fizzing away by the time you use them. By wrapping our blasters we ensure that you get the maximum fizz in the bath when you use them! It’s all about the fizz.


Don’t get us wrong, loose bath blasters make the shop smell like a piece of heaven! But all that fragrance you can smell in store is being lost from the product before you get a chance to use it at home. We work very closely with some of the world’s top perfume houses to design the fragrances we use in our products. Our noses expect nothing but the best. But Bath Blasters lose their fragrance quite quickly when exposed to the air – think of it like this, when you spray perfume and after a while the smell disappears as it evaporates. But inside the bottle it is protected, and it’s exactly the same principal with wrapping our Blasters. By protecting our Blasters we are able to lock the fragrance in meaning they smell fantastic when you use them!

Damage from Transport:

It doesn’t matter how careful we are in production (and trust us, our bath blasters are our babies!) products always risk getting damaged when transporting them to our shops or to you over the internet. By wrapping the products they don’t rub on the cardboard boxes and get damaged. If the boxes (we hate to say it) are dropped by the carrier, the blasters are more likely to remain in one piece as the wrap adds strength. By adding strength to the product we are able to reduce our cardboard packaging.

In Store:

Put your hands up if you love picking up Bath Blasters and sniffing them in store! Let’s face it, we are all guilty. But imagine if our products were “naked”… what about all those hands that are touching them in store? Are you sure that the last person who picked up that Blaster you’re about to buy washed their hands recently? Gross. Wrapping our products protects them from day to day germs and bad people who don’t wash their hands after peeing. You should be ashamed of yourself! Bath Blasters are made of compressed granules and when they are constantly picked up and put down they get damaged. And no one wants to buy a damaged blaster!


All of our Bath Blasters are individually labelled and this is only possible because the wrap allows us to stick a label to the blaster. FYI – label glue doesn’t stick very well to an unwrapped blasters. We NEED these labels for your own safety! As they contain important safety information such as ingredients which let people with allergies know what is in our products. If you are Vegan and you want to avoid honey, or beeswax, then these are listed on the label. If this information is only displayed in store at the point of sale (which is legal for products like bath blasters) then this information is much more likely to be separated from the product.
We believe the wrap we use gives us the best product protection for the minimum possible weight in packaging. We used to sell our bath blasters loose, but since wrapping our Blasters our stores have reported back to us that damages have reduced by 95% which means thousands of products are being saved. That represents a huge saving in raw materials, fuel for transport and transport packaging such as cardboard boxes used for bulk packing.