What is a Bath Blaster?

A Bath Blaster is our unique way of saying Bath Bomb! They are one of the easiest, most convenient and fun ways to use aromatherapy and essential oils in everyday life. 

Our Bath Blasters are hand pressed and fizz much more than a machine made blaster! This means more aroma is thrown into the air for a truly fragrance explosion.

We carefully select each fragrance to compliment the essential oils to take you on a trip to distant lands or down memory lane.


You may of noticed that some of our Bath Blasters are topped with a creamy swirl, this is cocoa and shea butter which has been piped on by our Bomb-er-Lomb-ers.

The cocoa and shea butter will slowly melt in your bath, releasing its nourishing goodness! This is great for moisturising tired skin.

So there you are! Our Bath Blasters are known for fizzing furiously, releasing its fragrance, essential oils, cocoa and shea butter and not to forget its colour! 

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Please note; sugar decorations on Bath Blasters may vary in colour.

"Your products are all gorg but I’m a little confused on how I should use each one?! What’s the difference between my Blaster and Melt?!"  

Its ok, we’re here to help!

Blasters aka Bath Bomb! These are made completely by hand (as with all of our products), and are jam-packed full of pure essential oils. Once you’ve popped one of these into the tub, they will fizz furiously releasing its colour and beautiful scent!

Mallows & Creamers – Don’t be fooled by the size of these Cocoa and Shea Butter filled Goodies! Unlike our Blasters, these slowly and luxuriously melt (they can take up to 15 minutes to melt completely!), releasing butters and pure essential oils into your bath and onto your skin. Perfect if your skin needs some nourishment!

Please note our Mallows & Creamers are a lot smaller than our Bath Blasters, but this doesn’t affect their moisturising abilities!

Uh-huh, honey! All of our soaps and the majority of our potted and bottled products are suitable for Vegans. We produce a list of products for Vegans which is available to download here. This list changes regularly as we develop new products and as we change raw materials. 

Vegan products are also able to be identified by the green Vegan symbol which will appear next to the product and in store on the tray label (example to the left).


Do we test on animals? Ew, as if. Seriously though, we NEVER have and NEVER will test any of our finished products or ingredients on animals, nor do we employ a third party to do so on our behalf.

& as much as we’d love to extend our Bomb family past the 72 countries we already supply to, we simply refuse to add any country to this list that requires animal testing to be done by law. ‘Cause babe, bunnies R hunnies.

Why dont we use the Leaping Bunny Logo? It is very expensive to license the logo from the owners of the trademark and it is also very expensive to replace or alter packing print plates to include the logo. Have no fear, we've designed our own logo which you'll find next to our products!

Our products are fine to use when pregnant and all our products have been tested with a variety of consumers in mind, including pregnant women. However, we would always recommend if you have any concerns regarding using our products, to consult your doctor first.

Did you know our Bath Blasters don’t contain artificial preservatives?

The performance of a bath blaster is effected by a humid environment because they have been slowly fizzing away by the time you use them. By wrapping our blasters we ensure that you get the maximum fizz in the bath when you use them!

Don’t get us wrong, loose bath blasters make the shop smell like a piece of heaven! But all that fragrance you can smell in store is being lost from the product before you get a chance to use it at home.

We work very closely with some of the world’s top perfume houses to design the fragrances we use in our products.

By protecting our Blasters we are able to lock the fragrance in meaning they smell fantastic when you use them!

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Our boxes are made with 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and this means you can also recycle them through your local council kerbside recycling scheme.

The ink used to print the boxes is water based so you can rest assured no mean, nasty solvents are being used that evaporate into the air.

But what about those colourful sausages inside the box? Well! These are made of Corn Starch… you know, the same thingy ma jig you make custard with! They are entirely water soluble and the chips quickly biodegrade unlike polystyrene or similar alternatives. And of course, the starch used is GM free.