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100% HandmadeWith Free Extra Love!
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Vegetarian Friendly& Look out for the V Symbol for Vegan

The perfect gift for any soap-a-holic!

Lots of soaps, but nowhere to store them? That’s why we’ve created these soap dishes that aren’t just practical, but pretty too!

So please, love me do!

A luxurious gift set for Valentine's Day! Containing seven of our best-selling Cocoa & Shea butter based bath creamers, this gift set is guaranteed to make anyone melt!

Best Sellers

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Gift Pack

Introducing our NEW Wash Bag Gift Pack!

Sending lots of pugs & kisses! Introducing our cute Pugs & Kisses Wash Bag, full of sweet fragrances and essential oils!


Bomb Blog

Self-Care Activities

If you don’t find the time for self-care, it won’t be long until you’re exhausted and caught in a mental fog where it’s hard to care about anything. So, what self-care activities should you be including in your weekly routine?

Cupid's Corner!

Valentine's Day is just round the corner! Whether you’re in a relationship, focusing on yourself or simply want to show your girl pals how much they mean to you, we’ve created this gift guide to give you some inspiration!

It's National Relaxation Day!

How to spend National Relaxation Day! August is like the Sunday of Summer! Though summer is lots of fun, all the travel, barbecues, holidays, family reunions and build up for results day can be really stressful.