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It's National Relaxation Day!



How to spend National Relaxation Day!

August is like the Sunday of Summer! Though summer is lots of fun, all the travel, barbecues, holidays, family reunions and build up for results day can be really stressful. It’s so important to take 5 minutes out of your day, to slow down and relax. I know August 15th is A-level results day, but it’s also National Relaxation Day! So after collecting your results, whether you’re celebrating or they’re not quite the results you were after, now’s your chance to really unwind. Whether your idea of relaxing is enjoying a full-blown spa day or as simple as turning your phone and Netflix off for a couple of hours, here are a few suggestions we’ve put together to help you unwind, Bomb Cosmetics style! 1. Meditate – Ommmmmm, inhale andddd exhaallleee! Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. This might be really beneficial after the build-up for exams and results. Our favourite yoga pose: the cobra! 2. Cuddle up with a book – Get your snug on! Grab that comfy blanket and curl up to a good book! Whether you’re after a rom-com or emotional read, it’s a great for allowing yourself to be taken on an adventure and escaping the stress of everyday life. Bomb Cosmetics recommendation: The Bees 3. Walk in the woods – Get out in the sun, take in that fresh air and lovely smelling flowers! 4. Light candles – Light up and let go is a motto of ours! With plenty of candles to choose from, there is a fragrance for everyone. Our personal fave is: Vanilla Honey Tinned Candle 5. Dance to your favourite song – Just dance those bad vibes away and shake off any remaining stress! Dare we suggest Shake It Off?! 6. Take a long bath – Now this one is our speciality! Run a warm bath and hold your Lavender Clouds Bubble-Doh under the water and watch as bubbles are produced! Relax into a bath of Lavender & Geranium essential oils, soothing and calming every splash. Go the extra mile and add our soothing Cotton Flower Blaster for a psychedelic pool, of warm baby blue hues, beautifully blended with cocoa and shea butter. 7. Do a puzzle – When was the last time you tried to do a puzzle? An activity which allows you think about something other than all of the drama llamas in your life, plus it’s really satisfying. 8. Pet a cat or dog – obviously it’s enjoyable for them, but it can also relax you. Petting with a purpose increases the release of feel-good hormones in animals and humans, so pass us a fluffy animal quick!! 9. Paint your nails – They say painting and drawing is relaxing, but if you’re not a great drawer then it turns out to be quite stressful! So keep it short and sweet, and paint your nails! Something about the motion and how you feel once they are painted, it’s very therapeutic.  Bomb Cosmetics recommendation: Water Falling in Love – China Glaze.