Welcome to the Wonderful World of Watercolours!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Watercolours!

Our beautiful, slow fizzing highly colourful Watercolours are designed with a unique formulation that fills their bathtub with bright, ever changing works of art. Just like our Bath Blasters, our Watercolour range is made entirely by hand.

The Watercolours Range have a completely new formulation, and it includes Kaolin clay, releasing a gently foaming slow effervescence, and pure essential oils. This allows the colours to drift across the top of the foam in kaleidoscope of colour and art.

Watercolours are designed to look more handmade, less ornate and slightly less polished, to emphasise and highlight their natural handmade credentials.

Shore Thing Watercolours

Allow your mind to drift away as a wave of coloured waters gently wash over you. Soothe your mind, body & soul with Eucalyptus & Cedarwood essential oils.

Dunk in Love Watercolours

I've been bathing, Ive been bathing! When feelings of fatigue overwhelm, supercharge your bath time with lemongrass and restorative Amyris essential oils for an instant love lift.

Raining Rainbows Watercolours

Soar through clouds of fabulous fragrance as ribbons of rainbow flood out across the water, with added Vetiver & Ylang Ylang oil bringing magic & joy to your tub!

Tropic of Conversation Watercolours

This one will really get you talking! Try this tropical fruit fragranced foam laced with bright ribbons of colour! Crafted to boost & uplift with the help of natural power ups grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils.