Mixers of the Month: April Edition

Mixers of the Month: April Edition

Did you know our Little Hotties are our best-selling item, like, ever! We sell over 80 different scents which can be blended together to make your own little recipes. Each box of Hotties contains up to 132 hours of fragrance. Just pop them in the top of our wax melter, put a tea light below, and fill your home with a fragrance uniquely blended by you! 

Oil Burner Easter has passed but our love of all things chocolatey still remains. Against our own wishes however, April is not dedicated to this cause alone. Dare we remind you but...Exams start...cryDon't worry though little dumplings, our beautiful scents are sure to help you unwind, relax, and perk you up at all the right times.
No Added Chocories
2x Chocolate + Toffee + Whipped Cream Have you ever inhaled your daily intake of calories just from smelling a piece of chocolate cake? If not, make.this.mix.right.now(please). Mix Toffee, Whipped Cream and two Chocolate hotties together to get your mouth watering.
Exotic Island
Orange Blossom + Lily + Sea Salt + Raindrops on Roses This refreshing, uplifting scent combo will awaken all of your senses and is basically all you need to rev yourself up for the day ahead. 
Relax, take it ee-eee-asy
Jasmine + Rose + Coconut Take a moment Relax ➜ Breathe Unwind Stop to smell the flowers. Bish bash bosh. Relaxation complete. Hottie border Directions of use: Simply add-3-6 Little Hotties to the top of your burner/warmer. There's no need to add water! Light the tealight, and allow your very own fragrance creation to scent the whole house. Make sure to visit our Candle Safety blog for ways to keep safe whilst burning these beauties!

Little Hotties (box of 4 scents), £6.99

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What's your favourite hottie combo?