The Bomb Gals Guide To...Exfoliation // Part One

The Bomb Gals Guide To...Exfoliation // Part One

Exfoliation is one of our favourite skincare steps for that healthy brightening glow. Read on for the scrub down on our top tips of how to effectively slough away those dead skin cells and give your skin a new lease of life.

Facial palatialRosy CheeksThe Oh Zone

facial exfoliants

Facial Palatial Perfect for us sensitive bunch, this hydrating exfoliator uses teeny tiny grains of sweet almond shells to gently but effectively remove any skin cell build up. Packed full of neroli and sandalwood oils, this beauty can also help to soothe and reduce any blemishes or scars, whilst also relieving any irritation on sensitive skin. Rosy Cheeks This moisturising and gentle lotion based exfoliator is amazing for buffing away tired skin cells and impurities, whilst also helping to stimulate new skin cells to regenerate. This mild exfoliant is perfect for all skin types from dehydrated to acne and blemish prone. The Oh Zone This stimulating and restorative scrub contains fine grains to gently buff away dead skin and dirt to leave your skin Oh-so-delightful. The ever powerful rosemary oil contains cell regeneration properties and antioxidants to help visibly reduce the appearance of scars and also help promote the healing of spots.

how to use

Apply a 5p size blob to cleansed, damp skin. Gently massage all over face using your fingertips, focusing on any problems areas. Rinse off, pat dry, and apply your favourite moisturiser. Avoid contact with eyes. Exfoliators are one of our essentials to use before a face mask, helping the mask to penetrate deeper and be all round more effective. Although it's in the name, never 'scrub' your face. You face is delicate and being too harsh can lead to tearing of the skin and general irritation.

how often

We recommend using an exfoliator once to twice a week depending on your skin type; twice for oilier skin types and only once for dry/sensitive skin. Too much exfoliation can cause irritation. Look out for Part Two coming next week for the body edition of the scrub down...