Your Summer Saviours!

Your Summer Saviours!

Your Summer Saviours!

We all dream of flawless summer skin, glossy locks and luscious lips.

Basically, waking up and looking like a girl off Love Island (I don’t remember seeing one girl with a single spot throughout the whole series?!)

But the reality is we wake up with smudged sudocrem down the side of our face with a touch of dried drool. Yup. Don't act like that isn't you.

The weather in the UK is currently hot, something which can rarely be said for England! But the spell of good weather doesn’t always do our skin or hair any favours.

So put the sudocrem down (or coconut oil) and take note of these summer saviours!

Facial Palatial Face Scrub

Dampen your face, apply a small quantity of scrub using the tips of your fingers and massage gently in to the skin to exfoliate. *TOP TIP* – Don’t scrub too hard as you could damage your skin, leaving it feeling raw and uncomfortable. Big no no.

French Kiss Face Mask

"Possibly my new favourite face mask from the Bomb Cosmetics range. I was due to head out shortly after using the face mask so I quickly washed it off and applied my makeup and wow! My skin had honestly never looked so healthy and dewy. For that reason alone I would repurchase this in a heartbeat."- Coffee with Meg!

Sherbet Lemon Lip Scrub

We exfoliate our body and our faces but what about our lips?! Lips need just as much lovin’ and it’s important that you scrub your lips at least once a week for maximum results.

This Sherbet Lemon is a classic sweet shop favourite, sherbet lemon oozes zestiness with sweet and sharp notes in this gentle scrub to exfoliate your lips! After just a few uses we guarantee you’ll really notice a difference.

Mango & Vanilla Hair Mask

Want to know the secret to achieving glossy locks? Leave this Mango & Vanilla Hair Mask on for two minutes then rinse well with fresh water. Not only will you be left with glossy locks, but also sassy scents!

Kiwi & Lime Body Scrub

Stir well before use. Scoop a small handful of scrub into your hands and apply to your body with a light circular scruffing motion, then wash it thoroughly from your body after use.

Exfoliating is key to building an even, long lasting tan so Body Scrubs really are your best friend. Make sure you exfoliate at least three days before you go on holiday.