A Colourful Summer Picnic

A Colourful Summer Picnic

A Colourful Summer Picnic

Greetings Bomb Blog readers!

I’m Lucy aka the new girl… aka the Jess Day of Bomb HQ! This week I’m hijacking the Bomb Blog, I know I will be welcomed with open arms and I hope you enjoy!

A little bit about me, I LOVE the outdoors and my days off are usually full of beach walks, hilly hikes and woodland frolics, so what better way to see out July as National Picnic Month than with some of my al fresco snacking and beauty faves!

Naturally, combining food and pretty views has to be one of my favourite pastimes and when I pack a picnic, for ease, I go for snack sized portions and lots of them!

Summer Breakfast

Try topping some yoghurt with sliced banana or cereal for a filling snack, or throw together a berry mix for an excellent source of Vitamin C, essential for skin health!

Fruit Lips

Keep your lips hydrated between the fun and the snacks with our Strawberry Daiquiri Lip Treatment, locking in moisture to keep your lips smooth and summer lovin’.

See our entire range of lip treatments here!

Beachside Lunch

Stay hydrated on those hot days and add a twist to your water bottle with fresh mint leaves, some zingy slices of lemon or lime or even your favourite berry! Grab some crackers or baked crisps and pack up some celery, carrot or pepper sticks for dunking in your dip of choice.

Treat Your Toes

The elements can be hard on our feet so don’t forget to give them a little TLC after a day exploring on the beach.

Our Tippy Toes Revitalising Foot Lotion contains peppermint and rosemary essential oils to nourish and cool after a long day out.

Picnic In The Park

Between a cheeky game or Frisbee or rounders, keep your energy up with a nutty medley and add some dried fruit for a burst of sweetness!

Enjoy some chilled fruit slices in your picnic basket, try pineapple or watermelon and enjoy those summer vibes at home with our Summer Picnic Piped Glass Candle, a burst of pineapple, wedges of pear and strawberries with sweet orange & rose essential oils.

Reset & Refresh

We all get home and can feel a bit sticky and worse for wear can’t we?  A quick cool shower with Bomb’s Pina Colada Cleansing Shower Butter is the perfect refreshing treat for a summer evening.

See our full range of Shower Butters here, from fruity to minty!

We’d love to hear your tips for a colourful summer picnic, send them to publicrelations@bombcosmetics.co.uk