Stop! It's TEA o'clock!

Stop! It's TEA o'clock!

Stop! It's TEA o'clock!

Tea for me please - splash of milk with one sugar! For years (and probably years to come) there has been a debate on how to make the best cup of tea / what shade of tea is acceptable. Is 4 D even tea… looks like a mug of milk to us?! MOVING ON! Britain is known for its tea drinking! If you aren’t welcomed at the door with a hug then you’ll definitely be greeted by a cuppa. We love tea so much so that we’ve used it for inspiration when creating our products!

It’s Time for Tea Gift Pack

Put your feet up and have a cuppa with these teatime treats full of essential oils. This Gift Pack contains a range of products, with two bath blasters to awaken your senses and two bath melts to hydrate your skin - you will feel tearrific!

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Bath Blaster

An afternoon bath scented like a Mad Hatters Party! Sweet scones and cream mixed with clary sage and orange essential oils on a swirl of natural butters to help you escape to another reality.

Polkadot Pot Bath Mallow

Our Polkadot Pot is a mug of sweet strawberry brew blended with rosemary & bergamot essential oils. An aromatic fruit infusion beneficial to both body and mind.

Lady Grey Lip Treatment

This Lip Balm is filled with Coconut & Almond Oil which will help to nourish and hydrate your lips.

Mint Tea Hand Treatment

A intensely creamy hand treatment with pure Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils, to naturally hydrate and condition your hands, leaving them silky and smooth. With a minty cucumber fragrance with a basil scent and amber musk at the base.
Without a doubt a cup of tea plays an important role in everyone's life! A cup of tea is a cup of comfort, and we hope that's also something our products bring you!