Mum, you're one in a melon!

Mum, you're one in a melon!

Mum, you're one in a melon!

Calling all daughters and sons of the world! It’s that time of year again where you get the chance to thank the lovely lady in your life and the one who’s been there for you through thick and thin. Mother’s don’t ask for a lot (just for the washing up to be done, tidy bedroom, eat your veg!) and this is the one day of the year where we can really show them how much we appreciate them! A little birdie told us her favourite Bomb goodies, so we've put together this list to give you a helping hand!

Thanks a Melon Gift Pack

Inspired by everyone’s favourite fruit, this gift pack has the power to leave your mum feeling fresh and enlivened - Thanks a Melon for being so awesome Mum!

Happy Mother's Day Blaster Card

A Bath Blaster and a Card in one! Go on, you know it makes scents. This card contains a Chrysanthemum fragranced Bath Blaster with Geranium & Bergamot essential oils!

Lady Grey Lip Treatment

All Mums love a good cup of tea! This lip treatment is a teatime treat with Coconut & Almond Oil to help nourish and hydrate your lips.

Bloomin' Lovely Creamer

If your Mum is bloomin' lovely then this is the creamer for her! Perfumed to perfection, she'll become addicted to this heady fragrance blended with Rose & Geranium essential oil, a highly acclaimed aphrodisiac.

One in a Melon Bath Blaster

Mum, you are one in a melon! P.s - We also use biodegradable glitters so your Mum can shine, safe in the knowledge that her sparkle isn't hurting the planet.
How are you treating your mum this Mother’s Day? We hope you found this post helpful! Until next time chicks!