25% off all Blaster Cards!

25% off all Blaster Cards!

25% off all Blaster Cards!

It's that time of year where you have to dedicate your evenings to thinking of people you know, and then writing them a Christmas card. I mean the first few cards you really get into the swing of! Fancy writing, really detailed cards wishing them a happy and healthy New Year! But by the 20th card... you've forgotten how to sign off your own name "Hpppy New Yrs, Love Tra x". Not to mention sick of seeing the Christmas tree on the front of the card! ANYWAY. I've got a solution to make those tedious evenings more fun! We're now doing 25% off all of our Blaster Cards! Stuck on which card to buy? Have no fear, just check out our top 5 Blaster Cards below for some inspiration:

Light up my Christmas Rudolph Blaster Card

This is our top selling Blaster Card! And I mean what's not to love?! Rudolph and his Blaster nose make the perfect Christmas card! The Blaster is Poppy & Clove fragranced with pure Cinnamon & Neroli essential oils!

Santa Says Relax Blaster Card

The perfect card for parents don't you think?! With a Sugar & Spice fragrance and pure Cinnamon & Ylang Ylang essential oils, you'll definitely be feeling relaxed!

Fairy Magic Blaster Card

Spread that Bomb magic this Christmas with this Fairy Magic Card! Ideal for daughters, girlfriends, nieces or just any pink lovers! This card contains a Cotton Candy fragranced Bath Blaster with pure Geranium & Rosemary essential oils!

Merry Kissmas Penguin Blaster Card

A cute Christmas card for your partner! Merry Kissmas Penguin contains a Lemon Meringue fragranced Bath Blaster with pure Lemon & Neroli essential oils!

Merry Christmas Polar Bear Blaster Card

Calling all animal lovers we're transporting you to the Arctic Circle! With a Powdered Snow fragranced Bath Blaster and Ylang Ylang & Cedarwood essential oils, this bath blaster will leave you feel fresh!