12 Galentine’s Day Gifts Your BFFs Will Love

12 Galentine’s Day Gifts Your BFFs Will Love

12 Galentine’s Day Gifts Your BFFs Will Love

It’s a day to celebrate your friends, sisters, co-workers and more: the girls who remember to text you when you start a new job, who bring you chocolate and Chinese when you’re going through a tough breakup, who remember you birthday and post those embarrassing photographs! Who support you through all the ups and downs that life brings.

The “traditional” way to celebrate Galentine’s Day is with a lavish brunch, but another great way to celebrate is to plan a gift exchange, where you and your girlfriends whack out your favourite film and shower each other with playful, pampering presents.

Shop our 12 Galentine’s Day gift ideas below which are at the top of our wish list and prepare for a girls night in, no V Day cards necessary.

Pink Bubbly Piped Candle

Share a bottle of bubbly but not the fizzy kind! Pop the cork on this pink bubbly inspired fragrance with crisp notes of apples & grapes and a hint of berries to sweeten with pure Ylang Ylang & Bergamot essential oils. 

Sprinkle of Magic Gift Pack

Sparkle & shine with pure essential oils and bring the magic to your bathroom! 

Time for Tea Gift Pack

Often have a good natter over a cup of tea? This Gift Pack is perfect for those teatime lovers! Full of 5 bath time treats all topped with essential oils.

Paws for Thought Blaster

Cuddle up under the skin softening cocoa and shea butter blanket! Watch as she pounces and fizzes into fluffy cotton candy fragranced waters, releasing sandalwood & bergamot essential oils to leave your soul and spirit purring!

Girl Power Blaster

Give your soul a boost and dive deep into this raspberry and blackcurrant fragranced fruit bowl! Empowering and mood boosting – blackcurrant & rosemary essential oils are released into the water mixing with the pure cocoa and shea butter, allowing yourself to soak in a supernova!

Stay Classy Mallow

Vintage Vibe Mallow

Classical and pretty, this soft powdery scent captures aldehyde, jasmin, iris and spices at the opening. Pop this romantic Bath Mallow in your tub and let the patchouli & geranium essential oils infuse the bath water, mixing with the cocoa and shea butter which will kiss and soften your skin!

Passionfruit & Shea Hand Treatment

If your friend is always giving you a helping hand, then treat them to this intensely creamy hand treatment! With pure Clary Sage and Amyris essential oils to naturally hydrate and condition.

Donut Worry Lip Scrub

Flora the Fairy Body Warmer

Heat up & hug! These microwaveable heat packs give a lasting warmth to soothe aches and pains as the real lavender buds inside release a relaxing, aromatic fragrance.

Glamour in the City Art of Wax

Keep your standards and heels high with this fine fragrance of candied orange and sumptuous orchidsto create a glamourous scent for your home.

Star Girl Piped Candle

We hope you all have the best Galentine's Day, filled with lots of laughter and special memories!

The Bomb Team xx