Our Journey To Sustainability

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and as such we have focused very clearly on sustainability initiatives within our business and aim to be Net Zero by 2030. That being said, we consider sustainability as an ongoing process so while the projects below give an indication of our efforts, we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

 trees for life

Our conservation partners 

At Bomb Cosmetics we recognise the shared responsibility to preserve and protect our natural environment, and this is why we are proud to be partnered with Trees for Life, as they continue to plant millions of trees in their mission to rewild the Scottish Highlands, while restoring native forest and wildlife habitats. Helping to restore, rewild and protect the eco-systems on which we all rely, by working with UK conservation partners  



Carbon Miles

From ingredients to products & packaging we are always striving to offset our carbon foot print, and  have recently made a number of changes to or supply chain to remove distance from the manufacturer to our factory.



Distance Removed (km) 63,679

Kg CO2 Removed*48,688

* Figures based on 2009 Transport  Research Laboratory Figures using an articulated lorry, Euro IV Emissions carrying 26 to 28 tonnes at 50mph



Reusing and recycling wherever we can.


These are just a few of the current waste reducing measures we already have in place.

  • Waste Cardboard: We have an industrial shredder to reprocess any card packaging supplied to us to re-use as packaging.
  • Plastic Films: All waste plastic films are bailed and collected by a licensed company for recycling.
  • We use “Eco-Flo” packing “peanuts” for our web site orders which are made from Corn Starch and are fully biodegradable.
  • Our corrugated transit packaging is from FSC sources and is now made from Post-Consumer Recycled card.
  • We only use single skinned recyclable containers for our cosmetics (rather than the double walled jars most skincare products come in).



Working together

Going greener

We have been working with a local supplier to produce fully biodegradable labels, something that has been difficult due to the adhesives typically used in cosmetic labelling. However, we have succeeded and have moved a number of product ranges to a biodegradable label. 

We are excited by the progress plastic packaging manufacturers are making with Post-Consumer Recycled. We are investigating any new packaging coming on to the market and will give preference to this in favour of virgin material for new ranges.

We have a policy to only use single skinned containers for our cosmetics, and we are working with a number of suppliers to further reduce the weight of plastic used to make each pot, and manufacture the pots using Post-Consumer Recycled plastics.


The green team


A shared future 

These are just some examples of the projects we have employed recently to improve our businesses sustainability, but this is an ongoing conversation within our business that all staff are encouraged to participate, and these are our goals.


  • Preserve the environment
  • Recycle wherever possible
  • Be energy efficient
  • Partner with sustainable companies
  • Get to carbon neutral