The Ultimate Bath Guide!

The Ultimate Bath Guide!

The Ultimate Bath Guide!

I feel like this day was especially made for us? Forget Archimedes’ eureka moment figuring out that whilst taking a bath you can accurately measure an object’s volume. This day is all about bath bombs! (Sorry not sorry Archimedes)

Think of your birthday, that’s our equivalent to International Bath Day!

Here’s our step by step guide for having the perfect bath:


Candles set the ultimate relaxing environment end of discussion. I’d recommend lighting our Sea of Tranquillity Tinned Candle which has a dynamic fresh oceanic fragrance, so you’ll instantly be transported to a deserted beach!

Bath Salts

Our Cleopatra’s Desires are deeply hydrating and skin softening salts with nourishing rose and jasmine pure essential oils.


Create the perfect bath music playlist! Everyone has different taste in music so this one is down to you! It could be anything from sounds of the beach to modern day music. My personal bath time favourite is Tokio Myers, a pianist who does a mash up of songs.

Bubble Bath

Loco Coco Bubble Bath, a crazy coconut combination to whip up a bubble frenzy filled with pure Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Something Chocolatey

Is chocolate covered strawberries too much? Nah!

Let the products work their magic as you treat yourself to a chocolate or two. Bliss.

Bath Blaster

If you're not a bath bubbly or salt kinda gal, then grab our Turtle Recall Bath Blaster which is piped with nourishing cocoa & shea butter to condition tired skin.

Glass of bubbly

Because chocolate wasn't enough!