The Bomb Gals Guide To...Exfoliation // Part Two

The Bomb Gals Guide To...Exfoliation // Part Two

Exfoliation is one of our favourite skincare steps for that healthy brightening glow. Read on for the scrub down on our top tips of how to effectively slough away those dead skin cells and give your skin a new lease of life.


body exfoliants

what's the difference between a body polish and a body scrub?
Essentially a Body Polish and a Body Scrub both do the same thing; remove any build up of dead skin cells and help to improve circulation. Our Body Polishes are gentle enough to use everyday thanks to the luxurious, buttery foam they produce. Our Body Scrubs on the other hand are still lightly grained, moisturising exfoliators, but they just give a little more 'oomph'. We recommend using a Body Scrub 2-3 times a week.
what do body exfoliators actually do?
Basically, exfoliators slough away the dead skin cells from the top layers of our skin - which is why we say exfoliation gives our skin a new lease of life. It literally does. With the upcoming warmer months, exfoliation is definitely something everyone should be getting on board with. Perfect for fake tan users who don't want to look blotchy and scaley. Perfect for hair removal - giving a closer shave. Perfect for stretch marks. Perfect for blood circulation. Perfect for firming and toning. Just perfect.

how to use

Scoop a handful of product in to the palms of your hands and gently but firmly apply all over your body using a circular motion. Focus on the typical drier areas such as your elbows and knees. Use after cleansing. Apply a moisturiser such as our Indulgent Whipped Body Butter for super smoooooth skin. 

your faves

A rich Shea Butter infused Body Polish with a fine, gentle grain to smooth your skin. With pure Sweet Orange and Mandarin essential oils.
With ripe, juicy opening notes of blackcurrant, the fruity heart blends summer strawberries and raspberries with the subtle scent of blueberries. Creamy caramel and vanilla complement the natural sweetness of the fruits for a warm finish You Say: This polish smells exactly like purple starbursts...This has loads of tiny grains in which exfoliate great then melt into the skin leaving you with a rich moisturising buttery lather - Rebecca I love this product. Before I was using Sicilian Lemon Body Scrub but it was discontinued and only this one could replace it. Please don't stop selling it!  - Angelina
A luxuriant lightly grained body polish with Shea Butters to leave your skin silky and smooth. Also contains pure chamomile and clary sage essential oils.
Milk and Honey - two heavenly perfume accords which have been fused together to provide a perfect heart warming fragrance. You Say: AMAZING PRODUCT. This is a brilliant product and it does what says; it leaves your skin really soft and silky. Great!! - Megs
A lightly grained oil based body scrub to use in the shower. Made with Sweet Almond oil and pure Lemongrass & Clary Sage essential oils to help your skin shine.
A blend of green Lemongrass notes fused with spicy Black Pepper forming an oriental heart. You Say: Just recently purchased this, it's honestly one of the best scrubs I've ever used. Such a fresh and unique smell and is really moisturising too. Also the pot is huge. Really love this product! - Hannah
A lightly grained foaming body scrub to use in your shower. Made with Shea Butter and pure Patchouli & Ylang Ylang essential oils to help your skin shine.
A fresh fruity strawberry accord in combination with fizzy champagne and white grape notes. You Say: I got this as a thank you and now I won't bath or shower without it! It leaves your skins feeling so clean and soft and it smells amazing. Best body scrub I have ever used!!! - Lucy Have you checked out Part One of the Scrubdown? Click here to find out how to effectively exfoliate that beautiful face of yours to give you a gorgeously healthy glow.