The Night Before A Competition!

The Night Before A Competition!

The Night Before A Competition!

Hi, my name is Ilyssa and I am very excited to be a guest speaker on the Bomb Blog! To get to know me a little bit, I am competing this year in the beauty pageant, Miss Teen Great Britain as Miss Teen Southampton 2018 with Bomb Cosmetics being my loving sponsor. I have a strong passion for performing as I love to dance and I absolutely admire makeup and beauty.

Flower Water

Today I will be talking about my final preparations for all things skin and body-loving related to a glamorous competition or a fun night out. For me, my skin has always been a big factor in my self-confidence in terms of my body. Having smooth, soft skin on the main stage is vital, whether I am dancing or competing, it has always given me that extra boost of confidence making me feel like my very best self on stage. On the last evening leading up to the event, relaxation is so important to feel fresh the next morning so a warm bath is essential, especially after a long day of preparation.

Little Princess Blaster

Little Princess Bath Blaster

I always like to start by running a bath - so put on a relaxing playlist, maybe light a few candles and watch your bath bomb bubble up and fill the air with your favourite scents (My favourite definitely being Little Princess Bath Blaster). A warm bath increases your body temperature leaving you feeling sleepier, leading up nicely to your number 1 priority, your beauty sleep.

Fresh Princess - Competition

The Fresh Princess Of Bel Air Mallow

Once I am relaxed and my skin has softened, for optimum smoothness, exfoliating is key. So I grab my favourite body scrub and apply a generous amount to my body. What I love about exfoliating is all the wonderful benefits it leaves me; from removing impurities, promoting blood circulation and glowing skin. Who wouldn’t want to exfoliate?

For my face, I use a face wash, and a face scrub that is more gentle to a body scrub as your face is far more sensitive than your body. I prefer not to exfoliate my face every day as too much can irritate my skin. I use a clean face towel to pat dry my face and then moisturise in circular motions.

Body Shimmer Body Butter

Body Shimmer Body Butter

After a warm luxurious bath, don’t forget to moisturise to hydrate and treat dry skin, especially this Body Shimmer which leaves shin, silky skin. Body Butters are amazing and not to mention how good they smell!

All that is left is to snuggle up into bed in my favourite PJs and sleep, ready for an action-packed day that is to come.

Body Shimmer - Competition