National Boyfriend Day!

National Boyfriend Day!

National Boyfriend Day!

You wanna know who doesn’t get enough recognition? Boyfriends. There is a Mother’s Day, a Girlfriend’s Day, International Women’s Day, but no day for the wonderful person who puts up with you EVERY day! Don’t get me wrong, boyfriends aren’t the easiest to live with, but who is?! It’s important they still get recognition of all the things they do to make your life just a tad more bearable. I mean c’mon, they deserve a medal when we’re hangry! So when your boyfriend gets home, have a hot bubbly bath and his favourite meal ready and waiting for him! Products our Bomb Boyfriends are seriously luvin’ atm:

A Close Shave Potted Gift Pack

I moustache you a question! A shower & shave kit fit for any fella, why not give it a try? This pack contains: Billie Clean Shower Gel - Billie Clean is your lather! With a fresh mint fragrance and pure spearmint and peppermint essential oils to revive and restore. Man in the Mirror Body Butter - I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror! Give your skin that change by smothering it in Lemongrass & Black pepper fragrance complete with Rosemary & Black pepper essential oils. Smooth Criminal Shaving Cream- You’ve been struck by a smooth criminal! Leave no trace on your face using this highly moisturising whipped shaving cream! With a combinations of healing Tea Tree & refreshing Spearmint essential oils, you’ll be the ultimate smoothie.

Sir Fizzalot

This fearless fine fellow is the man of the moment! Bringing his gallant & heroic efforts full with Spearmint & Peppermint essential oils you'll be Bomb's noble warrior! To Battle!!

Chocolate Therapy Massage Heart

Smooth sweetly scented dark chocolate scents onto your skin and experience all of your deepest desires! A tempting chocolate bar of the ultimate indulgence without the calories!

Peppermint Patch Soap

Brace yourself for a minty adventure, with our most energizing soap yet! Let the peppermint and spearmint oils work their magic and leave you feeling fresh in a field of fun! You’d be surprised how appreciated a little thank you can go!