Mixers Of The Month: May

Mixers Of The Month: May

Did you know our Little Hotties are our best-selling item, like, ever! We sell over 80 different scents which can be blended together to make your own little recipes. Each box of Hotties contains up to 132 hours of fragrance. Just pop them in the top of our wax melter, put a tea light below, and fill your home with a fragrance uniquely blended by you! 

Bomb cosmetics little hotties   MACAROON DELIGHT Vanilla Honey Vanilla Honey + Whipped Cream + Almond Milk + Biscuit Imagine you're stood in line at a traditional French Patisserie in the heart of Paris. You spot what you want. No, what you need. Those little shells of crunchy but chewy goodness filled with vanilla butter-cream. Blend this together to create an unforgettable scent of those creamy macaroons. Oui s'il vous plaît. SCENTS ON THE BEACH LimeCranberry + Peach + Lime + Orange Blossom A fruity cocktail of scents merged together to replicate one of our favourite summertime (adult) cocktails. Blend this fruity fusion together and imagine you're sipping on your favourite bevarage whilst bathing in the Bahamas sunshine. DEEP BLUE mintSurfs Up + Mint + Oceanic Wave One of our originals, and still one of our favourites. We're lucky enough to almost smell the scent of the seaside from our offices here in (not so) sunny Bournemouth, so we created this blend for when we're craving a boost of that fresh n' breezy scent.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DIRECTIONS OF USE: Simply add-3-6 Little Hotties to the top of your burner/warmer. There's no need to add water! Light the tealight, and allow your very own fragrance creation to scent the whole house.

WHAT YOU SAY: "I originally ordered some of these as a quirky idea, because they looked a bit different.. but found out very quickly just how good they are. I've found a number of 'favourite' combinations, but every one you try is different - and they can be mixed in whatever way you want. I really like surf's up, raindrops on roses and summer lawn, for a refreshing scent. I'd love to see some in watermelon, lily and hibiscus." - Amy S

"Bought a box of these melts yesterday and have to say they are AMAZING! Have always used an american brand wax tarts in the past and thought I'd give these little melts a try - I am SO glad I did! I have two dogs so have oil burner in use every day and have always liked the competitor, although fragrance never seemed to penetrate the whole house - these little gems however have the WHOLE house smelling fresh and fuity! With two dogs fresh from the bath the house smells deliciously of blackcurrant and not wet dog! Such a great find! Totally amazing fragrance and fun to combine! :)" - Shaana


Don't forget to check out our post on Candle Safety to stay safe whilst burning these Hotties.