Meet The Newbies On The Bomb Block!

Meet The Newbies On The Bomb Block!

Meet The Newbies On The Bomb Block!

Our new goodies are sure to settle any soak-aholics bath time needs! And we would like to introduce you to our absolute faves, to help you have the most bomb-tastic bath!

But have you seen a newbie and wondered what the flip do I do with that? Does it fizz, does it float, and does it dance and sing?

Well, fear not! Here are a few of the products explained because ya know, don't want to accidentally throw a non-fizzing product in the bath right?

Bear With Me Blaster - If you haven't got this one already, then you better get a move on, 'cuz it's going quickly!! This pretty, lilac bath bomb will help you to lay back, relaxxx as you embrace the zen produced by the May Chang and Geranium essential oils. Just pop it in the bath and watch the bear get to work!

Neopolitan Nights Watercolours

Larger than our normal Bath Blasters, our Watercolour range will capture a pigment of your imagination to make kaleidoscopic creations in your bath. Just drop in and fizz out, as they float and foam, releasing natural skin softening Kaolin Clay, bright colours and pure essential oils to heighten the experience.

Llama Mia Mallow

Don’t be fooled by the size of these Cocoa and Shea Butter filled Goodies! Unlike our Blasters, these slowly and luxuriously melt in your bath (they can take up to 15 minutes to melt completely!), releasing butters and pure essential oils into the water and onto your skin. Perfect if your skin needs some nourishment!

Please note our Mallows & Creamers are a lot smaller than our Bath Blasters, but this doesn’t affect their moisturising abilities!

Not Mushroom in Here Bubble-Doh

These bars are reusable – perfect for you bubbly luvin’ babes! Depending on how many bubbles you like in your bath you can get up to 12 uses! Just simply hold the bar under warm running water and let the bar do the rest! Remember, the more you use the bigger the scented bubbles!

When you’re happy with the amount of creamy bubbles, store the remainder of the bar in a cool dry place.

We have 9 different types to try! From lazy lavender, lifting lemongrass and rousing raspberry fragrances - there’s a Bubble-Doh for everyone! Did I mention we do a unicorn horn and duck? I quack you not!

Toucan Play at that Game Gift Pack

(Photo Credit to: @coffeewithmegxo)

Introducing our new range of fun wash bags made from a high quality, organic cotton! These wash bags are great for all ages and can be used for lots of different items – particularly storing your Bomb goodies!

Be Unique-orn Gift Pack

You are the author of your own story, release the magic and let the Fairy tale begin! With Sweet Orange essential oils, make your next chapter a real page turner! This gift pack contains: Nature's Candy Blasters.

Happy Birthday Scent Story

Same as our Tinned Candles, but our Scent Story Candles contain cute wax art on top! Get in the mood for party time with scents of fruity sweeties! Say Happy Birthday with this blend of exciting Lemon & Lime essential oils that never gets old!

With over 30 new products launched, check out the entire collection and head on over here!