How To Celebrate Your Mum This Mother's Day

How To Celebrate Your Mum This Mother's Day

How To Celebrate Your Mum This Mother's Day

Now I’m sure I’m not alone here, but every year I find myself trying to figure out unique things to do on Mother’s Day. While making some delicious breaky in bed, picking some cute flowers or going for a walk is always a nice idea – it might make a nice change to do a fun activity instead!

These activities don’t have to cost the earth! Mum will always appreciate a thoughtful present, but Mother’s Day isn’t about the price tag – the greatest gift may be spending quality time with her. Because let’s be honest, life sometimes takes over! There is university, exams, parties and now TIK TOK! How many of us spend hours in our bedroom learning new Tik Tok challenges, I’m looking at you Emily, when really they should be downstairs watching Location, Location, Location with Mum? Exactly! We’re all guilty.

If you’re trying to think of some fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your family this year then these ideas will be sure to make this special day one to remember!

Visit an Amusement Park

Perfect for all ages! Enjoy a day trip to an amusement park because even mums can be adrenaline junkies! Plus there are rides for everyone and nothing beats grabbing some giant cotton candy or losing a few pounds to the claw machine!

Take a Pottery Class

I feel like this one could be really therapeutic! Plus mum’s won’t mind getting their hands dirty when it’s in the name of art! No matter the skill level, I’m sure she’ll love creating something to remember the special day by!

Sign Up for a Cooking Class

Considering Mum probably taught you everything you know already in the cooking department, it might be quite nice to take your cooking skills to the next level together!

Make a Scrap Book

Crack out those old photo albums and transform them into something beauty and artsy crafty! You and mum can each work on your own pages and then bind them together when you’re done. Plus, I swear Mum’s always keep little things from those occasions such as a napkin, piece of hair, receipt etc – these would also be nice to stick in!

Forget the Spa!

Bring the spa to her! Gift her some bath bombs to help her relax & to recharge. Perhaps our Cotton Flower BlasterAs it dissolves into a psychedelic pool, of warm baby blue hues, beautifully blended with cocoa and shea butter and jasmine & geranium essential oils which are released into the water, kissing your skin with a healthy dose of hydration and soothing the soul.

Does she prefer floral fragrances? Our Stress Less Creamer is a fragrant, soothing Bath Creamer made by hand with pure Cocoa and Shea butter then rolled in Coriander leaf and decorated with Rose buds. Bursting with pure Vetiver essential oil and Sweet Almond oil to nourish and smooth your skin. 

To finish off the at home spa experience, we'd recommend trying to Jade Jojoba Body Polish which is a lightly grained and made with luxurious Shea Butters to leave your skin silky and soft! Mixed with pure Jojoba and Cedarwood essential oils, and scents of comforting vanilla with coconut, honey & warming musk’s.

Watch Some Home Videos!

Family videos are the best and also hilarious to watch back! Remember that trip to Butlin’s in 2004? Our hand poured Candles and Melts have been carefully designed with the finest fragrances to help unlock almost forgotten nostalgias, and many fragrances contain subtle triggers which can help stimulate in a variety of ways. Take a trip down memory lane with our baby powder piped candle for those forgotten moments.

Go Glamping

If your mum isn’t an outdoorsy person then I’m sure glamping is definitely something she can get behind! A luxury take on sleeping under the stars and slightly warmer/comfier!


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