A Child of Royal Birth

A Child of Royal Birth

We're proud to be British. From cups of tea to visiting the countryside and listening to The Beatles, we love all things stereotypically British. But possibly the best thing about Britian is of course The Royal Family and dreaming of being a real life Princess ourselves.

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As we're patiently awaiting the arrival of Will and Kate's Royal Baby #2, we thought we'd get more personal with you all. Babies make us nostalgic and emotional *weep*, so today we want to share with you some of our favourite childhood memories. If these don't bring a smile to your face we don't know what will!
    1. I pretended to go missing in Harrods so I could hear my name being called over the tannoy.
    2. I once went crabbing with my family in Cornwall, I think I was about 4 and ended up getting my line hooked on some guys jeans and he started walking away and I wouldn’t let go of the line so I was crying and walking behind him until my mum noticed and had to stop him!
    3. My dad dropped me down the stairs and I landed head first in a plant pot. Explains a lot.
    4. Stonehenge being built.
    5. I was a bit of a terror in play school, I used to go home and tell my mum my teacher locked me outside in the rain and used to lock me in the cupboard because she hated me so my mum went down to the school and voiced her concerns until she realised I was telling porkies!
    6. One time I fell in a pond and got covered in pond weed and looked like a plant monster.
    7. One time when I was really young I was so tired that I fell asleep in my spaghetti face first so was covered in sauce!
    8. My mum made me a boiled egg and soldiers when I was about 3. She left me for a couple minutes, thinking I would enjoy dipping the toast into the running yolk. As she returned she noticed the egg was missing, shell and all. When she asked what happened to the shell I proudly exclaimed “I ate it!” Needless to say, mum didn’t leave me alone with a boiled egg for a loooong time.
    9. I remember finishing playschool on a friday afternoon and being allowed to rent a bumper edition of rosie and jim. i went home and ate fish and chips whilst watching the iconic show and then waiting by the clock until it was time to pick my brother up from school. aww.
    10. I licked a snail.
    11. I used to get the patio wet and then sit and leave bum prints all over.
    12. My brother used to love wwf wrestling and i was like his little dummy he would practise on. i've lost count of how many times i got rock bottomed and timed out.
    13. i fell out the window in to a rose bush trying to catch my toy I'd just let go of.
    14. I used to fill bath tubs with frogs and eat woodlice. Yum. I also used to speak a made up language.
    15. My arm was twitching one day and I told my mum it was a baby kicking in my arm.


With the Queen celebrating her birthday and Will and Kate's Royal Baby #2 due any day now, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate in style and launch a new competition for the Kings and Queens of our lives. Royal-Baby-comp-2015 (2) Let us know in the comments below some of your childhood memories!