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Where do I go on holiday this year?


holiday The holiday posts and pictures are gradually creeping their way onto Facebook and I can feel the envy in me being re-woken! Trips to Amsterdam, Thailand and Ibiza. Half of my Facebook friends are better travelled than David Attenborough! Whereas me? I think about booking a holiday and I'll have a gander at 'On the Beach' and 'Last Minute' - but I always seem to put it off *probably due to the amount I spend on Dominos and make up... So for this blog post, I've decided... if you can't go on holiday, then I'm going to bring a holiday to you! Blasters: Bomb Voyage Blaster - A coconut and oceanic filled fragrance! This blaster will definitely send you on a make believe holiday. Just let this blaster fizz away and Bomb Voyage! Who knew your bathroom could make you feel like you were on holiday hey?! Just Keep Swimming Blaster - A very calming and euphoric blaster, just exactly how you want to feel on holiday! Relaxed with all stresses swimming away! Sunset Boulevard Blaster - Now this tropical fruits fragrance is something else! If your feet aren't flip flop ready then take a trip down this Sunset Boulevard! And you only have to pay £2.99 compared to the usual £200 flight! Mallows: The Island Mallow - Treat your skin with a visit to The Island! Don't worry, this isn't like the film with Ewan Mcgregor in! This mallow transports you to a make believe Island and the holiday of all dreams! Balancing and uplifting, just what a girl (or guy!) needs. Plus, this blaster won't leave sand clinging to your body! Sun of a Beach Mallow - This mallow is known for it's hydrating and cleansing properties! Your skin will be glowing in no time, and you don't need to travel far to achieve this look either! Turtley Awesome Mallow - I've personally always wanted to swim with Turtles, and this is something which is on my bucket list. This coconut and lime fragrance mallow will be a refreshing treat and after you'll be left feeling turtley awesome. Just you wait and see. Soap: The Big Blue Soap - Take a dip into the big blue bath! Feel a wave of ocean freshness as this uplifting soap with its energising Tea Tree and Spearmint essential oils help to refresh as clear a tired mind. Dead Sea Salt Soap - Ideal for revitalising and nourishing tired and dehydrated skin. With a real salt crust (perfect for sloughing any dead skin) and Eucalyptus essential oil, this soap has the power to resurrect! Bubble Bath: Loco Coco! - We are just loco for coco! A holiday isn't complete without a coconut or two. Let us know if you enjoyed this holiday by leaving us a review! Psst! If you fancy seeing something new, then click here!