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We believe that handmade is always better!



All of our products are lovingly handmade thanks to our team of over 250 Bomb-er-Lomb-ers!

Our bath blasters are hand pressed and fizz much more than a machine made blaster! This means more aroma is thrown into the air for a truly fragrance explosion.

We carefully select each fragrance to compliment the essential oils to take you on a trip to distant lands or down memory lane.

We mix our special blend of butters and oils (I’d like to say we do that by waterfall like Mr Wonka), and roll and mould our lovely bath melts into pure buttery bits of beauty.

They are sprinkled, covered in glitter and petals, shaped and finished all completely by hand, ensuring that every one is unique but perfect in its own way.

Our vegan-friendly soaps are mixed, coloured, poured, shaped and fragranced by hand, so each bar is of the best possible quality.

Did you know we hand draw our Gift Pack wrapping paper here at Bomb HQ!

The gift packs are then filled with products, wrapped and perfectly tied with ribbon to finish it off!