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Our top 20 Vegan friendly products for Veganuary!


January means freezing cold weather, empty bank accounts *sobs*, lots of people hitting the gym and Veganuary. Veganuary is a registered charity that encourages people to try and be vegan for January – and to be honest we can’t think of a better New Year’s Resolution. Although it’s almost the end of January, you could take on this challenge in any month. Chances are you’ve already mastered your meal plans, but it’s just as important to consider what going vegan means when buying cosmetic products. With so many products staring back at you, it can feel quite daunting when shopping. It’s important to scan the ingredients carefully and to know what you’re looking out for. Whether you live a vegan lifestyle permanently or you’re dedicating a whole month, we thought you might like this blog post with our top 20 vegan friendly products. So when shopping online or in-store, you can quickly refer to this blog post for the vegan faves.

All That Glitters Blaster

Over the Rainbow Blaster

Pink Elephants & Lemonade Blaster

Pool Party Blaster

Splash around with scents of Fresh Cotton and Lavender pure essential oils, the fun has only just begun!

Sparkle & Shine Blaster

Urban Rose Mallow

Chasing Rainbows Mallow

Rose Creamer

Strawberry Creamer

Sherbet Lemon Lip Scrub

Sherbet lemon oozes zestiness with sweet and sharp notes in this gentle scrub to exfoliate your lips!

Dead Sea Salt Soap

Strawberry Fields Soap

Flower Girl Shampoo Bar

With invigorating Ylang Ylang essential oil and real rose petals. Just a couple of rubs and you'll be frothing all over your head.

The Sheening Shampoo Bar

Pink Bubbly Piped Candle

Rhubarb Rave Piped Candle

Jade Jojoba Body Polish

Contains pure Jojoba and Cedarwood essential oils.

Warm Espresso Massage Bar

Frangipani Kiss Massage Bar

A Close Shave Potted Gift Pack

Wanna see more? Click here to see all of our available vegan friendly products. Alternatively when on a product page, there will be a green vegan tick symbol and our ingredients are listed. We’re working towards being more vegan friendly, but if you’re in doubt which of our products are suitable, pop us a message and we’d be happy to help.