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**Guest Post!** The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Body Scrubs


Hi lovelies! This following piece is written by Jackie Edwards, and it's her thoughts and opinions on Coffee Body Scrubs! It's very interesting and a definite must read for all of you coffeeholics out there!
After taking a career sabbatical to become a mother, I now write full time on topics ranging from health and wellness, right through to news and current affairs. I have, in the past battled problems with anxiety and panic, and in my spare time I volunteer for a number of local charities that support people with mental health issues. I advocate pampering beauty treats and like to experiment with making my own cosmetics when I'm not buying them! The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Body Scrubs You may have been hearing hype recently about coffee body scrubs, one of the latest trends in natural skin care. Coffee not only makes a delicious start to the day, but it can also help to improve your skin’s appearance. You can work your way towards tighter, younger skin by including coffee as part of your daily skincare routine. What is a coffee body scrub? Just like the name suggests, a coffee body scrub uses coffee grounds to help improve your skin’s texture and tone. These scrubs are gentle enough for everyday use and offer visible results as soon as the first application. Many coffee body scrubs include additional vitamins, oils, and other ingredients that work to improve your skin’s appearance. What are the benefits of coffee for the skin? Brighter, smoother skin: Coffee grounds have exfoliating properties that allow you to scrub away dead cells to reveal the fresh, young skin underneath. Improves circulation: Massaging coffee grounds into your skin helps to encourage healthy blood flow, bringing oxygen and essential nutrients to the surface and giving you a gorgeous glow. Reduced cellulite: The caffeine in coffee can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite, giving the appearance of younger and more toned skin. How do I use coffee body scrubs? Simple! Coffee body scrubs are just like any other full-body exfoliator. Simply rub the coffee grounds into your skin using gentle, circular motions, being careful not to massage too forcefully. You may feel a light, refreshing tingling as the caffeine works its magic. Afterwards, use warm water to wash the grounds down your shower drain. Feel free to scrub yourself down solo, using a back loofah to reach those difficult areas, or invite your significant other to help out and join in the fun. You can help each other to exfoliate those hard-to-reach areas, and afterwards, you’ll both be sure to love the feeling of smooth, soft skin. Whether you indulge alone or with a partner, though, coffee body scrubs can be a messy business. We have a few tips to help you to thoroughly enjoy your scrub down without needing an entire clean-up crew afterwards. Keep your hair pulled back. It can be difficult to wash coffee grounds out of your hair, and you may still find yourself pulling them out weeks later. Stay in one area. Coffee body scrubs are dirty, and it’s easy to track the mess around your house. Try to stay in one area, preferably the bathroom or another tiled area. Use dark washcloths and towels. Keep anything white or pastel coloured out of the room while you use a coffee scrub, or you may accidentally stain it. Don’t make plans afterwards. Immediately following a coffee scrub, your skin is going to look slightly red and raw. You want to stay at home and out of the sun for a few hours to allow your skin to return to normal. Pay extra attention to your hands and feet. Your hands and feet tend to take on more abuse throughout the day than other body parts, causing the skin to wrinkle and age faster. Be sure to give these parts some extra TLC during your scrub down to keep your skin looking its best. Thank you for reading! Let me know how you get on with your coffee body scrubs - Jackie x