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  • How to spend your Bank Holiday weekend!

    Remember when you use to countdown the days until the Summer holiday? Six weeks off school - bliss! Now I find myself counting the days until ...

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  • Get back into the spring of things!

    Right ladies and gents! The 4 day weekend is over and we really need to get back into the spring of things! I don’t know if it’s ...

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  • Join the Bomb Cosmetics Easter Egg Hunt!

    **Easter Egg Hunt 2018** The Easter bunny has been very busy here at Bomb Cosmetics! And we’ve decided to have our own Easter Egg Hunt Competition! Join the scavenger hunt ...

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  • Mum, you're one in a melon!

    Calling all daughters and sons of the world! It’s that time of year again where you get the chance to thank the lovely lady in ...

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  • Affordable ways to say I love you!

    Open up your heart and write a poem: Roses are red, violets are blue - I’ve never met anyone as beautiful as YOU! Say I love you ...

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