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  • A bit of Bank Holiday TLC!

    Hey Bomb Babes! It’s Kate, from @kxtesteele on Instagram, and today I thought I’d take you behind the scenes of the Insta feed and show ...

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  • How to spend your Bank Holiday weekend!

    Remember when you use to countdown the days until the Summer holiday? Six weeks off school - bliss! Now I find myself counting the days until ...

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  • The Bomb Babes reveal their most awkward moment! Eek!

    I was in the lift at work when the big boss walked in. He said ‘hello’ so I said hello back, he then started to ...

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  • International Women's Day!

    Here at Bomb HQ, we are inspired by women around the world and we also feel honoured to work with a bunch of bombtastic ladies ...

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  • How to spend your Bank Holiday Weekend! Plus, we've got an end of the week treat for you!

    Let the sun shine, let the sun shine baby! This frickin’ good weather better never stop because Sun of a Beach it's warm. If you are ...

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