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beauty tips

  • Body Polish

    Body Polish vs Body Scrub! Do you know the difference?

    It's very easy in life to unknowingly keep repeating the same mistakes until one day someone finally corrects you! And then you feel like a ...

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  • Calling all Love Islanders! Check out who we are sponsoring...

    If you are Love Island obsessed like moi! Then you'll of course remember this little Pea from Series 2 of Love Island! Kady McDermott and partner ...

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  • Sending my selfie to NASA, because I'm a star.

    Is your selfie game stronger than Kim K's? Everyone knows that she is the Queen of Selfie snaps. And if you are in denial then perhaps ...

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  • Mistakes we all make!

    Making mistakes is inevitable. We all make the same mistakes over and over again without even realising that they’re mistakes in the first place. We’ve ...

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  • Want to see something new?

    You want to see something new? Well don't worry, we got you. We've just created some pretty fricking awesome products, and damn are we excited ...

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