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Sweet treats without the guilt!


Right Hunnies! Seeing as its National Baking Day and Hump Day, we’ve decided to put together a list of our favourite treats! Everyone needs some good old treats to help them get through the week *and yes I count Tom Hardy, he’s a naughty treat. Just click on the link to get your daily Tom Hardy dose. Mmm! Now, I warn you… I’m no Mary Berry! But I can assure you, B has got some amazing recipes up her sleeve. In the wise words of Mary Berry herself, you won’t find a ‘soggy bottom’ here! And that’s as Mary Berry as I get. Have I mentioned Mary Berry enough times? If you’ve got any treats which you’d like to share, then please email us at – and perhaps we’ll feature your recipe in an upcoming blog post! A few mid-week treats you might want to try: - Fairy Cakes! Soft, light and utterly delicious. This one is a winner all around and perfect no matter your age. It’s also simple pimple to bake, and if you have kids it's a great one for them to join in on. Preparation Time: 15 minutes Bake Time: 20 minutes Serves: 12 You can decorate them with pretty icing and your choice of sprinkles! To see the recipe, just click here! Go on, we know you want to.
- Coffee frickin' Eclairs. Oh my oh my oh my. Now this is the treat of all dreams. Alternatively if you aren't a fan of coffee you weirdo then you can always swap the coffee from the filling and top with melted chocolate. Preparation Time: 30 minutes Bake Time: 20 minutes Serves: 12-15 Again, to get the recipe all you've got to do is lay your coffee lovin' finger here!
- Little Hottie Recipes! Here are some sweet little hottie recipe treats for you to try! Blueberry + Doughnut + Sugar and Spice = One lovely blueberry muffin! If you fancy being naughty, but don't want the extra calories or guilt then why not try a Sticky Toffee Pud! All you have to do is combine these little hotties: Toffee + Cake + Custard + Sugar and Spice. If you can't get enough of these little hottie recipes, check out previous blog posts for more inspiration!
- Chocolate Ballotin Box

This Ballotin Box is a must for any chocolate lover and contains six luxuriously hand crafted bath products all with a chocolate theme. It's like a real life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you can finally bathe in chocolate and not put on any weight! Every girl's dream.

You can expect to find the following treats in your Ballotin Box: Vanilla Bath Creamer Chocolate Orange Bath Creamer Coffee Mocha Bath Meltz Chocolate Bath Mallow Double Choc Chip Bath Gem Chocolate Buttercup
We hope you enjoy all of these lovely treats! If you have any treats which you'd like to share with us, then please drop us an email -! You never know, you might be featured on next weeks blog post!