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Meet The New Kids On The Block!


Our new goodies are sure to settle any soak-aholics bathtime needs! And we would like to introduce you to our absolute faves, to help you have the most BOMB-tastic bath yet!!
  • Flock Star Bath Blaster - If you haven't got this one already, then you better flamingo-go-go, 'cuz it's going quickly!! This pretty, pink blaster will help you stand tall and take flight into a glittery world of pure essential oils!
  • It's a Kinda Magic Bath Mallow -  IT'S GOT A UNICORN ON IT!! Need we say more?
  • Whip Up a Citrus Storm Soap - As I type this, the rain and wind are howling outside... but this is one storm I want to be caught in! Quench your skin's thirst using this juicy cocktail of Orange & Mandarin essential oils, and embrace the zest!
  • Rhubarb & Rose Candle - We'll admit, these two scents sound like polar opposites... but wow! We were blown away by this concoction - the subtle notes of classic rose with a hint of sharp rhubarb are enough to send anyone to nose heaven!
If you’d like to see the full collection of newbies *of course you would*, then head on over here! And don't forget, you can get 10% off using the code NEWKIDS10 at the checkout!