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From Our Shower, To Yours



It's no secret we're big bath lovers. We've raved about it here and should basically wear a big flashing badge so everyone who comes in to contact with us can see the facts. But we also love showers. The perfect place for all of your thoughts and decision making, amongst other important life things...

April Showers    
  • GIVE YOUR BODY SOME OOMPH We know all too well the daily struggles every morning of actually getting out of bed *sigh*. Showers immediately wake us up and give us that bright eyed and bushy tailed kinda thing going on.
  • BECOME THE KING AND QUEENS OF MULTI-TASKING. You can condition your hair whilst brushing your teeth, cleaning your body and washing your face all in one hit.
  • SINGING IN THE RAIN...(kinda). Become the next Taylor Swift. Singing can boost our immune system and enhance our moods. Actually singing in tune and without getting shampoo in your mouth is a task for another day though...Otherwise it just becomes a soap opera. (Yes, we laugh at our own jokes and we're not ashamed.)
  • UPLIFTS YOU WHEN YOU'RE FEELING A BIT SORRY FOR YOURSELF. When we're just not feeling quite right, there's something about a shower that we guarantee will always perk us up and help us face the day. Even if that purely consists of lying on the sofa all day re-watching episodes of Pretty Little Liars #berriedalive.
  • ACTUALLY QUITE RELAXING TOO. Sometimes we find showers just as relaxing as baths. The sound of the shower water running reminds us of the sound of waves hitting the shore on the beach. Basically a lovely place to think and meditate. Probably why we end up spending half an hour in there.
  • THE PERFECT PLACE TO EXFOLIATE. Y'know, without feeling like you're sat on a shingle beach. (The only negative thing we've found with baths..WE'RE SORRY WE STILL WHOLEHEARTEDLY LOVE YOU DARLING TUB.)
Who would like to join us in the Big Bomb Cosmetics Debate? It's a 50/50 tie between whether baths or showers are better and we need your help to settle this once and for all. We'd love for you to let us know in the comments which ones you prefer and your reasons why. Rub a dub dub.