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Fragrances to fill your home this Christmas!



Fill your home with these Christmas scents!

Have you tried our Little Hotties before? If not, these little wax melts will make the perfect Christmas addition! You can mix and match up to 4 different scents to create your own bespoke fragrance, and seeing as it's Christmas in less than a month - we’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas Little Hottie Recipes! So get those Oil Burners ready, and burn baby burn!
Mm! Pass us a Mince Pie: Sugar and Spice + Sweet Naranjii + Biscuit For a sweet Humbug smell try: Spearmint + Toffee Have the Gingerbread Man running around your home this Christmas: Gingerbread + Citrus Blizzard Hot Xmas Pudding: Xmas Pudding + Gingerbread Try a Cinnamon Latte for those cold Winter mornings: Vanilla Honey + Morning Coffee + Cinnamon Everyone loves a cheeky Red WineCinnamon + Citrus Blizzard + Wine Winter Berry: Pomegranate + Cranberry
With this recipe, you'll have the three wise men knocking at your door! Warm Amber: Frankincense + Log Fire + Leather Santa’s Little Melter: Sandalwood + Log Fire + Cinnamon Whether you have a real Christmas Tree or a fake, we'll give you a Christmas Tree scentLog Fire + Alpine + Citrus Blizzard Christmas Spirit: Baby Powder + Marshmallow + Pink Fairy Dust
We hope these Little Hottie recipes help get you in the Christmas spirit! Which Christmas recipe will you be trying at home?