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Check out how cringe these OMG Bomb moments are!



Have you ever experienced something so embarrassing, that it makes even Bridget Jones look like a saint? A moment so horrible, that even to this day you are curling up into a little ball wanting the earth to swallow you whole? Well don’t fret Hun, you are in the right place! All aboard the Bomb Cringe Express!

We are here to share our top cringe worthy moments with you, to try and help make you feel (slightly) better about yourself! Be prepared, a lot of blood, sweat and mainly tears went into this. So buckle up.

  what-a-melon-soap2 “Moaning and ranting about a supplier on the phone to hang up and realise it was him I was speaking to the whole time!” “My Boyfriend and I thought we’d go round my friend's house, quite a few drinks later, my boyfriend gave me a kiss and then disappeared into the toilet. When he came back out, he swung his hand and gave an almighty slap, right on the arse! He realised mid swing, although it was already too late, that it wasn’t me who was now standing there - but that I’d now moved to across the other side of the room and now standing in front of him was in fact my friend!! I found it hilarious.” “So there I was at the gym, trying to achieve the perfect summer body, and I thought I’d get use of all the machines. I was hoping to see some results quite quickly and I thought I’d push myself to the limit… so I decided to try the Pull-up machine. So there I was. Trying to pull myself up, when I felt my stomach and bladder both stretch… then it happened… I wet myself. In the middle of the gym, right through my gym kit. I was completely mortified. There were so many fit guys around. What do I do? I can’t stand up. I can’t move. There’s a wet patch on the floor. I had to get my friend to grab a jacket to wrap round my waist and to put newspapers on the car seat - it was that bad.” “We'd gone to Bath for a day trip and were hunting for the perfect picnic location. We spotted a sunny patch and instead of walking round, I decided to show off and jump the fence in my brand new jeans. The pocket caught on the top of the fence and with an almighty rip, tore down the middle completely baring my butt to the world.... I spent the rest of the day clenching my cheeks to hold it together (and failing). I've now learnt to always take the long way round.” “It was a Friday night, my friends were back from university, and we were hitting town. I got all dolled up, we made it into the night club, a few guys were pointing at me as I walked past and I was feeling good about myself. This happened quite often for the next 20 minutes, but this time girls were pointing too… my boyfriend joined us a little later on and to my horror came rushing up to me, explaining my skirt was tucked into my big hold-you-in styled knickers! I died. I refuse to go to town again, it was so cringe.”britney-spears-cringe-face “The time I was told that if I jump just as the bus stopped, I would fly to the front by the door… obviously I just fell over with a sore bum and red face! Not being so gullible next time.” “My friend and I were on our way to see Beyoncé, my mum was driving so we were in the back having some drinks and chocolates, getting quite giggling and excited. It was only when we arrived that my friend noticed she had been sat on some chocolate and that it had melted all over her bum! I had to cover her whilst we got into the venue, then I spent a good hour trying to scrub the chocolate off!” “My mum picked me up from work so we could grab lunch together, as we were driving down the road my mum spotted a hot guy standing to the side – she embarrassingly pulled over and asked for directions to Tesco’s (even though we go there every day.) The guy kindly gave her directions, and then to make matters worse, my mum asked the poor guy if I could have his number! In case I needed it if we ‘got lost’!!! On our way back from Tesco’s, when she was dropping me off, the guy was still standing outside! I still cringe whenever I see him now. It was beyond awkward.”

We've shared our top cringe moments, now it's time to share yours!