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Say hey to the Bomb Babe Squad


It's time to meet the official members of the Bomb Babe Squad! Eek! These gorgeous girlies have been selected to join the official Bomb Babe Squad! We carefully selected them to be apart of our team because we believe they have what it takes to represent our brand! This means they'll have exclusive discount codes to share with their followers, opportunities to try new products and to sample some of our exciting new ranges! Their duty as an official Bomb Babe: Spreading that Bomb Love! So, let me introduce you to the Squad!
  First up, I want to introduce you to our very own unicorn... Paige! Paige takes the most magical and mystical pictures EVER! If you are a lover of rainbows, clouds and all things cute and fluffy! Then dis in your girl! So go on! If you Believe in Unicorns, then show Paige some luvin' and check out her magical Instagram here! She'll be sure to give you serious bath goals. _Paigeyx Next up we've got the beautiful Alice from Black Tulip Beauty! She is one Crazy Chic alright! "Some basic information on me to kick things off... My name is Alice, I'm 20 years old and live in Bristol in the UK. I'm a big lover of music, especially Emo/Rock bands and maybe the odd Fifth Harmony song to sign along to when I'm driving... On that note, I love to sing too!" If you are ever unsure on what products to buy, then check out Alice's product reviews! "This has got to be one of my favourite products I’ve seen so far. The name, the colour, just everything about it. It’s so adorable and the colours just make me think of bubblegum and pop art!" - Check out which product Alice is talking about here! Black Tulip Beauty Say hi to the gorgeous Cally who has joined our official Bomb Babe Squad! 🌈✨She is our pot of gold! Make sure you give her a follow & check out her YouTube Channel! Cally recently did a Bomb Cosmetics Haul on her YouTube channel, see what her 1st thoughts were on the newbie Turtle Recall Bath Blaster. Cally Right everyone put the kettle on, get in your comfiest pyjamas and light a candle! Because we are about to have a coffeewithmeg!  Meg is the perfect go to girl this Autumn and just what we need after a long day! "I was sent the rainy day package, which is THE perfect treat for an autumn/winter evening in. So, light a candle, run a hot bath and take a few mindful moments- You earned it gal!" -  So, let's all get cosy with Meg this Autumn! Check out her first Bomb Cosmetics review here. Coffeewithmeg This next Bomb Babe is making waves! Let me introduce you to Hayley from Mermaid Moon Child! Hayley recently guested on our Bomb Blog and kindly give us some advice on how to be the best mermaid we could possibly be! "Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bomb Cosmetics Blog! I’m guesting on here today from my blog mermaidmoonchild, I’m apart of the #BombBabeSquad and today I am going to be giving you some top tips on how to release your inner true mermaid self." - If you fancy being a mermaid, then check out Hayley's top tips yourself! Mermaid Moon Child "Hi, my name is Heather and I am the creator & writer of the blog Of Beauty & Nothingness!" "I have been a fan of Bomb Cosmetics bath products for a few years so I'm very excited to announce it's that I'm one of their brand ambassadors! The first product I tried from them was the Violet Bath Mallow which was so impressive as it lasted for so long in the water, it looked so cute and the scent was amazing! " Heather takes some beautiful snaps and has such an elegant blog! If you have a mo, why not cast your eyes over her Bomb Cosmetics review! Of Beauty and Nothingness Say hey to the Disney obsessed Kate! She has joined our official Bomb Babe Squad 👸💖 It's like having our very own Bomb Cosmetics princess! Kate's Insta feed is perfect if you are a lover of Disney, Gryffindor and Pink! *Basically all of us. Her blog Kate Loves is also pretty and pink to match! Kate So that's the Bomb Babe Squad! We hope you enjoyed meeting the Bomb Babe Family - aren't they all gorgeous?! If you fancy being considered for the Bomb Babe Squad, then just pop your social media links in an email to - Best of Bomb Luck! x