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Beat the blues with a little help from B!



The January blues always hit us once the New Year's hangover has passed. There is such a build up to Christmas, the turkey, the presents, the wrapping and then it's all gone. All over in one day and that's it for another year. 

And before you know it, you are back at work. The days all blend into one. It's a truly depressing time of the year and we are all feeling truly blue da ba dee da ba daa! So, to help you fight the January blues we've put together a list of our ultimate products to blast those blues away!
  • Shower Power Gel - A relaxed and laid back shower gel, with pure patcjan-blueshouli and ylang ylang essential oils, carefully chosen to moisturise and hydrate your skin after the busy Christmas period.
  • Flying High Shower Gel - B is here to save the fricking day! You'll be flying high after this shower, nothing can bring you down.
  • The Big Blue Soap - Feel a wave of ocean freshness as this uplifting soap helps to refresh a tired mind.
  • Dead Sea Salt Soap - This soap has the power to resurrect! You'll definitely need this after a week at work!
  • Fizz Bang Pop Blaster - Beat the blues with a fizz, bang, pop!
  • Azure Skies Blaster -  Close your eyes and relax as this complex but clean scent transports you to your favourite memories.
  • Pucker Up Creamer - Pucker up, because you are in for a tough month! Give your skin the kiss of life with this little creamer!
  • Blueberry Funday Blaster - Berries and ice cream whipped up into a funday sundae! Because chick, ice cream always makes you feel better!
  • Over the Rainbow Blaster - Because over the rainbow there is always a pot of gold! And we could definitely do with a bit of gold rn!
  • Yes Man Solid Shower Gel - Say yes to January and goodbye to the blues!