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  • High Temps, Cool Bathing

    We welcome the warm weather and the beauty that comes with it! But for the first time in a while we’re all currently tossing and turning in bed, struggling to sleep because it is just too hot.

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  • How to Celebrate Father’s Day in Quarantine

    We’ve put together an ideal quarantine Father’s Day, full of home activities, movie suggestions, and outdoor activities. We think that this year it is more important than ever to keep in touch with the important Father figures in your life, so don’t fret that you’re at home, it doesn’t mean this special day needs to be boring.

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  • The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Different Mental Health Conditions

    This Mental Health Awareness week, to help ward off those feelings when we inevitably turn to Instagram, we have created a list of positive and inspirational accounts to follow. These accounts offer the perfect pick-me-ups, relatable words of wisdom, or some much-needed motivation.

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  • Rainbows for Heroes Charity Soap

    Join us today to thank all our NHS heroes by purchasing our ‘Rainbows for Heroes’ sliced soap and we pledge to donate the profits to NHS Charities Together. A registered charity which supports NHS Staff & Volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

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  • Feeling super tired 24/7 but can't sleep?

    Things are a little strange right now, our routine is all messed up, we can barely remember what day it is and we’re feeling super tired 24/7 but then can’t sleep at night? And when we do sleep, we're having some weird dream! What is going on?! We got you.

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