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The Bomb Blog

Welcome to the Bomb Blog! The intro into the world of all things Bomb Cosmetics. Be sure to check back for regular updates!

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  • From Our Shower, To Yours

    It's no secret we're big bath lovers. We've raved about it here and should basically wear a big flashing badge so everyone who comes in ...

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  • A Child of Royal Birth

    We're proud to be British. From cups of tea to visiting the countryside and listening to The Beatles, we love all things stereotypically British. But possibly ...

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  • The Bomb Gals Guide To...Exfoliation // Part Two

    Exfoliation is one of our favourite skincare steps for that healthy brightening glow. Read on for the scrub down on our top tips of how to effectively ...

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  • Keep Calm And Have A Bath

    Do you think the fact that we sell over 200 different blasters and creamers is a good sign that we like baths? In fact, we ...

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  • Mixers of the Month: April Edition

    Did you know our Little Hotties are our best-selling item, like, ever! We sell over 80 different scents which can be blended together to make ...

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